PS3 160GB coming soon - thinking of waiting for it

I was thinking of getting a PS3 one of the new 80GB's but now sony of said that they have got a 160GB coming out in October with £55 of downloadable content free. Im really considering waiting for this one. Dose anyone else think its worth waiting for

Sony has revealed it is to launch a 160GB PlayStation 3 console in Europe on October 31 during its press conference at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Present David Reeves told the audience that the new system will retail for 449 (£355) and will include 70 (£55) worth of additional downloadable content, which will be detailed near to its launch.

Sony only confirmed its 80GB PS3 at the E3 show last month.

Despite initially stating the 80GB PS3 will launch on August 27, however, Reeves confirmed at Leipzig that it will now launch this tomorrow.

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Not really. Unless you want the content.

You can get a bigger hard drive, 40GB PS3 and then the £55 of content for less and just upgrade the hard drive yourself surely?

Depends if you plan to play more PSN games or disc games.

I wouldn't even get an 80Gb one.

Can't you get a 40 for a hundred quid less, then just stick a 320Gig hdd in for £60?

That's what I'd do. Unless the 80Gb has extra features like PS2 compatabilty.

The downloadable content will probably be shat.

Why wait for 160gb, its a crime against humanity to have an HDTV without a PS3!


80gb is £299
160gb £340 and around £50's worth of PSN games

The one you choose depends on lots of things. One when do you need the console as the 160 is avaliable until the end of october. Two do you need more space, what will you be using the console for unless you are downloading loads of content and putting tons of video and music on the playstation you don't need 160gb. Three do you like PSN games if you don't know what they are look them up as the £50's worth of content will be made up of these and if you don't like those games it isn't worth it. Four cost the 160gb is more money unless you think you need the extra space or games it isn't worth it and you can always upgrade the hard drive and buy some games later on.

That article was quoting current conversion of Euro to Pounds. Sony have actually said that the 160gb will be £340 in the UK and I would guess the PSN games amount at nearer £50 because those games cost more in Euros usually.
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