PS3 40GB Not Reading Discs?

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Found 22nd May 2011
Was given a 40GB PS3 from my friend today, The problem with it is that it wont read discs anymore? It loads up fine to the XMB and funtions 100% But whenever I pop a disc in it just has the the little Clock in the Top Right hand corner spinning with no indication of it stopping... Is there a simple fix for this? Anyone here experianced this first hand? I heard alot of rumours about fixes but what are the most succesful ones without replacing the Blu Ray Laser?


The lasers gone, you can try cleaning it.

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The lasers gone, you can try cleaning it.

Would I have to open up the Unit to do that or do those old Blu Ray Disc Cleaning CD's Work?

It's most likely to be the laser.

It will probably cost you around £40 for a new one.

You have a tiny tiny chance of it working if you clean the laser or "rebuild the database" in the recovery menu.

To clean the laser you usually put a cleaning CD inside which has little brushes, play the cd and some voice will play telling you it's cleaning the laser...(it's just spinning the disk with brushes..) hope this helps...
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