heyy everybody =-) all help will be appreciated much!
    I am after a good ps3 deal with good bits 'n' bobs with it.

    i have been looking around for ages for a ps3 and am now getting mad!!

    i need one big style,

    please cd ya all help out with a good deal bundle for a ps3

    once again, any help/advice given, i will be very grateful

    3 Comments have an 80gb version with terminator salvation / terminator 3 blu ray and Infamous for £280 or £290

    hi mate, if you have been looking for ages wait a bit longer, on the 18th of this month is is highly expected sony will announce the ps3 slim and a price cut for the ps3, this will mean the current ps3 will be sold off cheap, apparently the new slim will be £260! just google it if you dont believe me, this has been rumour for months and months but now sounds as though it will actually happen, its even appeared in the newspapers!

    So just wait another a little bit longer and you may save yourself a nice chunk of cash!
    all the best jake

    not to mention the 2nd hand market will be flooded with original ps3s, when hardcore fanboys want to upgrade, ill be waiting to snap up one of these amazing inevitable deals
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