PS3 60Gb

    Anybody out there know if there will be another release of the 60Gb version of the PS3 or have Sony decided to no longer ship it?

    I really would like a 60Gb due to the backwards compatibility.



    As far as we know at the moment the 60Gb is discontinued and no more will be made/released. However you can still get hold of one if you know where to look! I do not know where you are based but the best place to start is ASDA, they have one left on display at my local store which they will sell for £349.99 less 10% comes boxed in unused condition and you get your full guarantee with it. There are also some "local" electrical shops with them in.......I hope this helps?

    best thing to try is local stores ie self businesses not pleaces like PC world or comet.
    It's damn near impossible to find one, even wiis are becoming more easier to find.
    Best bet is buying a 40GB + PS2 if your desprate for BC..

    My motto "Buy early to avoid dissapointment"
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