PS3 60gb Console, 5 Games, 2 controllers, What can i sell it for?

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Found 23rd Feb 2008
Im looking to sell the following;

PS3 60gb, all cables/leads, 2 six axis controllers, boxed, about 4 months old, 5 games -CoD4, ea skate, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Resistance: FoM, Tom Clancy's RSV

reason im selling is because im in college and need some cash so il probably sell it and go to a cheaper console i.e. xbox 360 premium or elite but want to know what price to sell it for and where is best to sell it, ebay? local paper?


Around £370 - £400.
Best to sell on ebay as most people on hukd are looking for bargains so you won't get the best prices here.

60GB versions are getting hard to find due to quite high PS2 compatibility and a few extra features.
But yes see what they are selling for on ebay, also might be worth splitting for best prices? ebay & paypal fees will be quite high though so weigh this up also.
You could also see what trade in prices are at cex, blockbuster, game & gamestation (or others if they are in your town). But probably wouldn't trade for an XBOX 360 as you can't be sure if it is banned from XBOX Live and some of the guarantees given by shops on 2nd hand consoles aren't always great.
Anyway good luck

I have a Nintendo Wii with lots of games I am looking to trade if you are interested.

Should be in Misc & not Deal requests..


My estimate is far higher than £370!

PS3 60gb - £350
extra six axis controller - £20
CoD4 - £30
ea skate - £12
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - £20
Resistance: FoM - £12
Tom Clancy's RSV - £12

Total £456
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