PS3 60GB Heat Concerns?

    I've just picked up a 60GB PS3 from an Ebay Seller. I traveled to pick the machine up. It's in physically good condition. I've never owned a 60GB Hence my concern.

    I've just brought it home and have noticed after only 20 Minutes of turning it on and Restoring my HDD that the Right Side of the Machine where you can put your hand underneith small grooves where the Air is Coming out is getting quite Hot. It's not like hand burning at all just Rather alot of Warm air is coming out.

    Is this a concern and a worry for me to return the Unit to the Seller? The Units fine for playing games and all. Do these 60GB's Produce so much Hot Air normally or is this a one of thing that shouldn't get hot like this so much? Opinons please on What I should Do?....



    its normal, they all do that just before failing from overheating

    The 60GB units are known for their heat generation, a lot of people buy fans to keep the units cooler.

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    its normal, they all do that just before failing from overheating

    Is there a quoted fact from anywhere that this is the Case?

    Best thing would be to clear the dust out of it & make sure the fans working. Also make sure theres plenty of room around the vents.

    It's's one of the reasons for the failure rate on the old ones.

    yeah mine also did that

    yes mine does that too but try clearing the dust out of it

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