PS3 60gb - is it still "special" or not nowadays? Is it time to get rid?

    Have one.

    Maybe get rid.


    More slots than a Bangkok Lady boy.


    Not realy last few on here have for £130ish up to £150.

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    Boo and indeed hiss! May bite the bullet and buy the PS3 from the other thread then and offer my 60gb up on here - thanks for the heads up

    what firmware is it on?

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    Good question - I shall fire up the Quattro and check!

    Ps. how do I check . . . . system details bit I assume?

    Doesnt matter about firmware as they can be downgraded.

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    V3.50 I believe


    Doesnt matter about firmware as they can be downgraded.

    The newest firmware can't be downgraded - Firmware 3.55

    3.50 and below can

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    Is definitely 3.50 and has 55gb free space??!?!?

    Damn i've under used this thing

    Get rid, just got rid of mine and got a slim after it got the ylod. While I was in the repair shop to collect it there were 2 people in the shop with the same 60gb model both with the same fault. I was informed by the staff that it is a common problem with the model.

    As the games for the PS3 are in abundance, and relatively cheap, the backwards compatibility has lost its edge.

    The only thing I really miss is the extra USB ports.
    I wish they'd put one or two in the rear of the console too.


    Doesnt matter about firmware as they can be downgraded.

    Some people don't want the hassle of doing it though so they will happily pay if it is done for them

    Downgrading does not always go as planned. Numerous reports that it can knock out the BD drive... so do it at your own risk ;-)
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