I know many people say that it isnt worth the money with the PS3, but did any one actually get one or played it, as it seems know one has on here?My friend got one bought for him on launch day and my god the graphics are supurb on it, especially on motorstorm which i was shocked at, any one else had a go on one?


    The PS3 is still new, so the games will improve in the near future but at the moment, major online gaming magazines have rated practically all multiformat games (which means the same game that's available on xbox 360 and PS3) as being superior on the xbox 360.

    On top of that, there is hardly any scheduled exclusive games on the PS3, so the majority of games will be inferior for a more powerful and much more expensive console, whereas the xbox 360 has many exclusives and already has all the PS3's best gaming franchises readily available.

    P.S sorry if i didn't make my comments clear, had quite a lot to drink last night and just woke up

    i have a ps3, gt myn on launch day, wel worth the wait and money. absolutely superb. wel then agen i am a young gamer :thumbsup:
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