Found 18th Jul 2009
hi i just purchased a ps3 80gb out my local paper boxed 3 weeks old with recipt ,6 games
singstar 2 with mics
sing it high school musical 3
tiger woods 08
fifa 08
ghost recon 2
smackdown vs raw 2008

i paid him £160 and he lived on the same street as me , is that a bargain or what i know the games are pants so what im saying is what good deals have you ever purchased from a free ad cheers dave

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to be fair tiger woods is a good game just a bit out of date now

I think that is a blinding deal if it is only 3 weeks old

friggin saweet

Great deal.

I bought my mates broken Nokia N95 from him for £10 & sold it on ebay for £74.

That's what friends are for. (he doesn't know about the ebay thing)

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lol like it


i just sold my 6 months old 80gb ps3 on its own without even the controller for 240 quid on ebay

so cracker deal

a rare dvd boxset that noone else bidded on so got it for 99 pence sold for 40 pounds when started the bid at 99p


won't seem like much of a deal to others I'm sure, but my OH is very hard to buy for. I got him a graphic novel based on a novel by his favourite author. This authors signed books are £150-£200 alone. I got the graphic novel signed by this author, the person who adapted the novel into a graphic novel storyline, the illustrator and another person, limited to 200 copies, for £105. One of his xmas presents sorted!!
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