PS3 Accessory question

    When i was playing Call of Duty 4 last night it was if there was people talking, like what i had on the 360
    Altho the voices were really distorted i could make out that people were chatting, plus there was an icon in white on the left ( just under the map ) as if someone was speaking or had left a message or something,

    Is there a mic accessory for the ps3? or am i just seeing things


    Your such a fanboy :-D

    Go offshore for a month and you come back throwing your money around!!

    Any bluetooth headset should do

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    Iv seen it now Baz, its a wireless headset

    do you think you could use any wirless one with it? like the one i use with my mobile in the car?

    no, don't think so, but then I'm a wannabee XBox person!

    Yep, that should be fine. Most mobile handsfree headset work perfectly with the PS3.

    As for the distortion, you can choose a setting on the PS3 to change the pitch of your voice.

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    It was the distortion on the tv, i turned up the "voice volume" and could just barely make out distorted voices.....(might have been in my head of course lol)
    anyway will that sort itself out or will the voices be fine with the headset? maybe its the Wifi conneection, altho the box is only 15 feet away from the wireless router

    Baz you know nothing, stay out of the PS3 conversation and go and stick yer **** 360 back on :p:p:p lol

    IM pretty sure its the tv.. with a headset you'll prob hear people fine

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    thanks very much
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