PS3 and Creative Soundstation, help please.

Hi guys,

Hoping you may be able to help one of my friends out, he's looking to buy a ps3 and needs to know if he's got a good price or not. Also he's looking for a soundstation for his creative mp3??? Not too sure exactly what he wants but if you guys can shed some light that would be fab. If there are any more details you need just ask and I'll find them out.

Here's the e-mail:

ben old chum

need some consumer advice

wanna get a ps3 price i seen is 2900hk$ about #215pounds

this is 20gb console 1 wireless controller and leads adaptor etc (should be identical bundle at home)

is this a good price?...can prob knock down a bit.....guessing is cheaper here than in saigon?

also want to get soundstation for creative mp3...cant find one that docks just connect from headphone output
not sure what to get/how much to spend

any advice?

Thanks guys!


its not a bad price for the PS3 prob one of the cheapest that he can get being honest, i wish i had waited 4 months would have saved myself over £150 seeing as the prices as dropping but its worth every penny being honest:-D
ive got a creative mp3 player and they're great systems prefer them to the ipod and have had 3 of them all updated on the previous one, only problem with them was that the accessories arent as easily purchased or available as ipod accessories which even a post office will probably stock, i bought the docing station for my creative which is the 30GB zen vision and wasnt impressed by it as i had to wait 2months for the item from a seller on amazon and it was a faulty system, so instead i opted for the "Creative GigaWorks T20 Speaker system" for £50 on amazon which doesnt charge the mp3 player but plugs into headset socket and gives top quality sound, bass control etc. Hope this helps as sitting bored in work on friday night and thought this would pass the time!:thinking: :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the reply! Have passed it on to my friend.
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