PS3 and Talktalk and Lag & Black ops

Found 24th Nov 2010
ok, so ive had a ps3 for ages, loads of different isps and always get lag, if i watch back the replays in free for all on cod black oops then its not the same thing that happened (I let out 10 bullets in his face and the replay shows 1) is anone else geting a jerky view? i even get it in the training multiplayer mode, so cannot be down to connection can it? it doesnt seem to run smoothly like normal offline game :\
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I don't think you're on your own. A few of my mates moan about the general lag within online play and that's with the 360 format.
are they on black ops do you know? also is theirs jerky too?
My son is always moaning about lag on his PS3 black ops. We are on Talk Talk I thought it was just an excuse for him getting killed.
nope, its shocking, I am not brilliant at black ops but its frustrating when I have spent over £3000 on a setup for media and your let down by your broadband company!! talktalk aren't alone on this though, broadband as a rule is shocking, say you get a speed of 10mb, you couldnt use all of the 10mb to watch youtube etc, because they cap certain types of usage, and online gaming is one, part of their unfair usage policy!
I have no probs with Sky............they also have no caps. So a good alternative for people if you can get a deal with your TV package.
Well im just like you- on talk talk (through tiscali), with ps3, black ops and lag

To be honest the broadband has always been laggy even on cod4/mw2 etc and always annoys the hell out of me, but always have been able to do alright(kd ratio over 2 etc). Play it at friends house and find out just how dam easy these games are without lag, ive been putting up with it so long that u just get used to how hard it is lol.

On a side note though black ops has been out its nearly unplayable most of the time, it seems to have massive connection issues, massive lag and getting kicked out of nearly every game i try to play.
It's more about the latency, or the signal strenth on the console than the speeds themselves
Post your and results here to see if you've got anything drastically wrong with your setup
must be the psn network cos I'm using 2 xbox 360's on live and each one has 3-4 green bar connection with very little lag other than server issues.

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ye i also have talktalk^^. ye its sucks a lot especially when u watch it in theatre mode and ur shooting a mile behind the guy. tbh im surprised ive kept a kd of 1.59 but meh. i guess i'll have to wait for talktalks fibre optic and then will see but until then its back to the old i got killed w/o shooting em crap. tbh i notice the ping always drops from 4 - 3 or 3 - 2 when i encounter enemies which alerts me to be ping spiking, but ive tried many ways on my side and talktalks side but all attempts have failed. just really frustrates the hell out of me when u rely on ur connection;(
Yeh I am sick of playing black ops on ps3. I shoot first and die because of the lag. I'm about to trade my ps3 in for an Xbox 360.
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