PS3 and X Rocker Chair Advice Needed


    Looking for a bit of advise.

    I have just bought a XRocker Gaming chair for my boy. He has a PS3 which is hooked up to a 32" LCD TV, HD ready.
    I use a HDMI cable to play this through, is there any way of keeping the HDMI connection and connecting the chair too, as all I see is that you have to use the AV ports.

    Help is appreciated,



    Original Poster

    anyone help????

    i am a little confused but this is my answer. You can set the video to come out through the hdmi cable and the audio to come out of the red and white jacks but i am sure that if you have firmware version 3 or later, there should be an option to have the audio output through both the hdmi and the red and white av jacks
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