PS3 and Xbox 360 Pro(Premium) Deal Check (p/c)

    I'm looking to get the 360 as a xmas gift for my brothers and also considering the ps3. Now I've been monitoring all the deals related to both these consoles posted here for about a month.

    Now I can get

    Xbox 360 Pro+Forza+Viva+Fifa or Tiger woods +Extra Controller for £238

    I can also get

    PS3 40GB Console+Pro Evo for 259

    My question is, both these prices seem to be slightly better than what's been posted here. Are they though? In your opinions, I'd like to hear. I can imagine with the 360 the question of the version and the Falcon console is a possible issue. All I know is it's brand new stock in (HMV)

    I get them at these prices in store through my workplace, incase you're wondering.

    So should I snap these up or are there better current deals OR do you think in the run up to xmas, as close as it is now, there's room for a better deal(s). I know alot of shops are doing the whole advent calender reductions, it's possible either could pop up, probably Xmas Eve, heh.

    Anywho, let me know if I should look elsewhere, buy now, or hold out. Many thanks


    ps3 40 gb is ****, dun get it becoz it is very limited:thumbsup:p. do research on it init

    Tesco are doing a similar package for the Xbox Pro except you get PES instead of Fifa or Tiger Woods for £249. This is available until 27th Dec...

    As to whether its a Falcon or not you can always ask to see the box first...
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