ps3 black screen on my tv?

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Found 31st Jul 2010
have not been on the ps3 in ages so though i'd attend to its neglect...

so i plug it all in and all i see is a black screen? i have tried hdmi and av cables and switched to correct channel and nothing? tried putting a disc in taking one out, unplugging, replugging in etc etc but still black screen?

Its not the ps3 i don't think because i've tried two on my tv (mines and my brothers) and both are showing black screen. Must be connectivity problem surely?

Any help/ideas please?



try holding the power button, untill you hear a beep.


try holding the power button, untill you hear a beep.

this should be the problem especially if its been unplugged from the tv

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just done that after finding that method on internet but nope.

Are you connecting through HDMI ?

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okay sorted it using av cable now for me to try hdmi


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sorted thanks
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