PS3 Blu-ray drive fault


    Our PS3 stopped readding discs about a week ago, went through the whole software re-installing process with Sony (which took 3.5 hrs) and no luck so it's the drive. Sony want £134 to send you a re-manufatured console.
    I'm considering my options but as you can get a new 120gb slim for £200 I don't think I'll be paying sony £134 with a 3 month warranty.

    Can you repair these yourself at all? I see you can get a new drive from ebay for about £50.

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    If your ps3 can still read dvd's but not games and blu-rays do this. Start your ps3 from standby, and press the touch button, then hold it down until you hear TWO CLICKS. Take your thumb off and look at your screen, it should have a list of six things, press '3.Restore File System: Checks for corrupt/missing system files.' It should say 'Some files are corrupt on your system and will be fixed now'. It will be fixed after this (unless your lense is out)
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    Mistake Sorry
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    Thanks for the reply timtom13 I have tried your suggestion but no luck,
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