PS3 Blu-ray picture very red... any ideas?

    I'm using a ps3 on a standard widescreen (SD) telly through the 3-port scart lead but I have a problem with blu-ray playback.

    Games play great (though obviously not in HD and in case anyone asks why I'm watching blu-ray films on a SD set it's because I don't want to buy the films I want to watch twice) and DVD's are fine but yesterday I purchased my first blu-ray film (Beowulf) and the picture colour is awful, it's really bright red!

    Now this is a problem that I used to have with my old DVD player when playing region 1 DVD's (I'm region 2) and I managed to fix it by changing the NTSC & PAL settings but there doesn't seem to be that option.

    Like I say, games play great, as do region 2 DVD's (can't check region 1).

    My TV has 4 settings for the picture colour, Automatic, PAL, 4.43 NTSC and 3.58 NTSC. When in the PS3 main menu, Auto & PAL will display in colour, both of the NTSC settings are black and white. When playing Beowulf, PAL & 4.43 NTSC are B&W whilst Auto & 3.58 NTSC are in colour (albeit very bright red).

    Here's some links piccys that should show the problem:

    This is what my region 2 Babylon 5 DVD looks like:…jpg

    and this (note although it looks a little red on the faces the picture is fine on screen):…jpg

    This is the Beowulf blu-ray:…jpg

    and a shot from the film:…jpg

    As stated, when set to PAL & 4.43 NTSC colour the blu-ray playback is B&W:…jpg

    And when set it 3.58 it's in the glowing red colour:…jpg

    and one final shot for good measure (which really shows how red it is):…jpg

    Oh, in case anyone spotted it, the cables plugged into the front of my TV is the Wii. Also, the 3 plug scart adaptor that came with the PS3 wouldn't fit my TV so I used the one from the xbox, would this cause any problems?

    I appreciate this is a bit of a long post but I appreciate any help that people can give!

    Many thanks,


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    Loose cable most likely. Check both ends.

    Also check the colour settings on the TV.
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