PS3 Blu Ray repair advice

    I'm looking to replace the blu ray drive on my PS3 which I believe is broken, (can only play DVD's, Blur rays and PS3 discs are not recognised) So I *think* that the blu ray drive is the issue after reading up on Google

    My console is out of warranty, and from what I've read it looks like it costs around £90 to get this repaired, although correct me if I'm wrong

    So just wanted to know if anybody knew of any reputable places where I can get my PS3 repaired in the Midlands area?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    They are very easy to repair yourself, just watch a few instruction videos on youtube and get yourself a new blu-ray laser from ebay (around £35). Takes around 20 minutes to do. If its the 40gb model they have very poor lasers, the replacement should last a lot longer.

    A new laser is about £40.
    Whereabouts in the midlands are you?

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    An yes it is the 40gb model
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