PS3 - Buy in UK or Hong Kong?

    Hi all,

    I know this seems really stupid. But my folks are in Hong Kong at the moment and I was wondering whether or not to tell them to get a PS3 from there.

    Please can you help me with this decision...

    Buy in UK or Hong Kong?

    BTW, console is around £250 in HK


    I have a HK one, the only difference is that it doesn't play PAL PS2 games and the Bluray is Region A, although the latter isn't necassarily a bad thing at all.

    Also, if you have warranty problems ...

    i have a hk one. just depends on wether u play alot of ps2 games or u wanna watch blurays from region b. region a comes out before region b and u can get cheap ones.


    Also, if you have warranty problems ...

    If I have a problem with mine then I'll fix it, I usually repair my own consoles anyway.

    Also you need to remember that at the airport you might get taxed on it if your parents get caught with it in their luggage due to the fact that it is over the duty free limit you can take back to the UK.

    but i know alot of people that has done it and didnt get taxed on it. its a risk

    Original Poster

    Plenty of food for thought there. Do you think that they'll ever be able to disable the region coding... So you can view region B blu ray?

    Plus which site are you guys getting your Blu ray dvds from?

    Most blurays are region free anyway.

    I buy bluray movies from DVD Pacific.
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