Ps3 Buzz wireless controls

Found 20th Nov 2008
I have a job lot of these, and need to test but i cant work out how they work how do you get the buzzers to sync with the usb dongle?

kind regards
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Here's what you do:
1. Insert the USB connector into the PS3.
2. Turn on the four buzzers by shifting the switch towards "Power" on the side of the buzzer. The red buzzer and the blue LED will flash. Hold the switch there until the blue LED stops flashing and stays lit.
3. Once all four buzzers have the blue LED's on, hold the "Bind" button on the USB until the blue LED on the USB begins to flash. The red buzzers will begin to flash when the blue LED on the USB flashes. The red buzzers will then stay lit, indicating that the wireless USB connection has been bound to the four buzzers, and hopefully they all should work.
many thanks will give it a go
Are you selling these? I'd be interested in 4 if you are.
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