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    Hello, I have just bought a Playstation 3 as it was really cheap (£165 with receipt + 2 games), and have a dilema as to what connections to use.

    I have a Dell 2005FPW Widescreen 20" LCD Monitor, I know it is very old but for me it still has a very decent picture.

    The connections it has are, VGA, DVI, Composite and S-Video.

    I am using DVI already as it is connected up to my PC, and the S-Video is connected up to my freeview box.

    So I have composite and VGA left. I have connected the PS3 upto via the composite cable (yellow) and I have to say that the picture is shocking as I would have expected.

    Still, I think that there is something wrong with the settings, I have played around with them but the picture via the Composite is still shocking, is there a special setting I need to change as my monitor is a TFT PC one rather than a television?

    What cables can I use to connect it up with?

    I know nothing about PS3's as it was an impulse buy so any help would be much appreciated.


    where did u get ur ps3 for that price? wow

    Original Poster

    The wonders of Gumtree.

    Does anyone have any idea about cables and image quality?

    Sounds like you need to buy a VGA cable for your PS3. Using the composite or S-Video on the monitor is going to look shocking no matter what you do, especially as neither can carry a high-def signal.


    This may work as its a splitter that allows 2 things to be connected to the dvi port at once in this case allows hdmi to hdmi through the DVI port plus the pc being connected at same time.

    DVI is a better quality connection than VGA
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