PS3 Call Of Duty 4 : PSN Downloading Game Settings Problem

Hia there,

I am unable to go online on Call of duty 4 because it justs hangs at this when I click on multi-player > play online

I know it is not my interent beause I moved my router so i could get a better signal earlier.

My PSN connects fine.

It seems that this is a widespread problem and has something to do with router settings etc.

I have tried doing what the guides suggest but nothing seems to have changed.

I have also tried disabling uPnP on the router and it still hangs at this screen.

This seems to be quite a known problem?

Does anybody know how to fix this as its bugging the hell out of me, especially considering its the only PS3 game I currently own!



i know this is not much help but i would guess its due to them getting the servers ready for cod 6 so probs nothing you can do.

I've had this and turning the router off and on fixed it for me. It's a royal pain in the backside though.

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i re installed the patch and it seems to be sort of working., will see how it goes

Hey, I have this exact same problem.

Which patch did you install and how did you remove the old one?

i'v just played and had no problems

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Which patch did you install and how did you remove the old one?

i went the game files and deleted the 12mb cod4 one.

cod 4 will ask you to re-install the patch wen you start it.

do this

works fine for me now hurrah
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