PS3 Call Of Duty 6 MW2 Problem Help??

    Hi anyone have a fix for the fetching playlists problem with mw2 online ?. I cannot play online at all now just sits on fetching playlists for ever.


    its probably due to ports not being open on ure router, restricting access to the net. find out your router make and model and i can probably add a link to help

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    thanks mate its' a belkin, F5D7632-4 version 2000UK.

    hope you can help.:thumbsup:

    you need to enter your routers setup page by typing in 192. 168. 2. 1 this may sk for a username and password if you have not setup one of ure own they should be username:admin password: password.

    you will have to find the port forwarding or dmz setting and add your ps3 ip address as the dmz .

    on ure ps3 u can find out this in the network settings.

    Just a quick test.. have you rebooted your router?

    Unplug it for a couple of mins. If you have had it working before its unlikely the ports have suddenly closed, My router throws a mare occasionally and does the same thing.

    if that doesn't work have a look at the ports.
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