ps3 causing the sound on my samsung tv to vibrate

    Hi ive just been playing assasins creed on my ps3 thought my samsung lcd tv,when somone is talking on the game the sound vibrates,just wondering if theres a setting on the telly or ps3 i need to change?


    It may be your speakers.

    It sounds like either you TV is on the fritz, or a particular frequency in the voice is resonating.

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    its fine when watching tv and dvds

    I have a Samsung Tv, the same thing happened with my 360.

    The speakers are rubbish, its when something hits bass notes the speakers vibrate because they cant handle the low note

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    cheers least i know i dont have to take my tv back,i noticed it in assasins creed lol


    try adjusting the ps3 audio output settings or get a surround sound system as a last resort:-…tml

    My samsung was doing this yesterday. Normal telly (channels 1-5) were fine but my computer and freeview box weren't. It sounded like a sort of vibrating, no-bass sound. I simply switched the power off at the mains then back on again and it worked fine.

    my 50 inch samsung does it ****** speakers it gets worse lol

    could try cutting out some of the low to low-mid range.. maybe your TV has an EQ setting?
    it probably is that it's just hitting the resonant frequency of your speakers.
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