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Found 18th Dec 2007
Hi, i've been googling and can't seem to find an answer to this. I know the PS3 60GB is compatibler with PS2 games- i've got one- and the 40GB PS3 isn't. Does this mean that Sony are phasing out PS2 compatability or is the 60GB PS3 going to stay in production?
Also, i've read that the 40GB PS3 may eventually have software emulation for the PS2, downloaded via a firmware update. Does this sound feasable to anyone? Is it likely to happen?
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oh, reason for asking is i'm thinking of selling my 60GB to buy a 40GB as it runs quieter; but I like the PS2 compatability (especially with the enhanced grpahics) so may end up wanting to buy a PS3 with PS2 compatability again in a few months! So, will I still be able to get one do you think?
I heard the 40gb is noisier and has NO PS2 capability. my 60gb model is silent unless you are 1 foot away with perfect hearing.
Cant help you, im just think why the hell did i get an e-mail about this post?
the 40gb does not and never will have ps2 compatability

Cant help you, im just think why the hell did i get an e-mail about this … Cant help you, im just think why the hell did i get an e-mail about this post?

Dunno, is it a Cardiff thing???

csiman- yes it has no PS2 capability, my 60GB is fairly noisy (whoosh of the fan) and gets really hot- the 40GBs that i've seen run cooler and so do not have to push the fan so much...
The 60GB is being phased out in the UK. The 40GB does not play PS2 games and as far as I'm aware won't change through a firmware update. One of the main reasons the 40GB is cheaper is due to the backward compatibility hardware not being included.
so are we likely to get an 80gb or 120gb model with the PS2 b/c do you reckon? wiki says no so if I do decide to change to a 40gb PS3 tomorrow i'll have to pick up an 80gb one in the USA next year oh well...
SCEE [Sony Computer Entertainment Europe] have said they have no plans to bring a new bundle into the Pal region.

Theres no point picking an 80GB up in america, you cant play your ps2 games as it will be NTSC region
You also wont be able to play most blurays seeing as they're region A.

So For the present future the 40GB will be the only bundle available in pal regions.
The 40GB Can play PS1 games if thats a bonus? :whistling:
dohhhh forgot the NSTC thing!
at least they're doing one thing right- making PS3 games multiregion. I guess the upscaling aspect for PS2 games is something they've decided isn't worth bothering with these 60gb versions are likely to be worth a fair bit in years to come then.
at least Rez is gonna be HD... on the xbox 360... like you say tomm, will have to stick to the PS1 games if I sell my 60gb tomorrow then.
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