PS3 Compatible USB Controllers???

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Found 7th Sep 2009
As we all know, the PS3 controller is pretty crappy. Does anyone have any advice on what 'PC' usb controller I should get that would work with the PS3. I have looked at the Logitech Chillstream and it seems to get some good reviews and some terrible reviews. Ideally I just want to use my 360 pad (the best pad eva) on my PS3 but supposedly this ain't possible. I would try it but I'm at work right now as I have both wireless and wired pads and I also have the wireless receiver so I can use the wireless 360 pad on the PC. However from what I have read, no combination of these will work on the PS3

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions?


Tevion ones. They work pretty well. I dont have a PS3, but when I can go to my friends house I take it and it works great.

Have a google on 'XCM Cross Battle Adapter'

Or get a XCM converter lets you play 360 on ps3 although I prefer ps3 ones to 360


Easier to just put up with the cramp.

I usually just use a usb cable that has a slot that lets you use a ps2 pad, but that wont help if you want a 360 pad just thought I would get it out there.

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:-( all I want to do is ideally use my wireless 360 pad. Why is life so difficult
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