PS3 Component Cable

    Hey i've been looking everywhere for the official PS3 Component Cables ( Not composite )

    Every place I've looked seems to be out of stock at the moment ( and the past month )


    And lots of others!

    I'm getting fed up of running my PS3 in SD! Does anyone know of a retailer that have any in stock?



    Does it have to be an official one? I've got an unofficial one I could list for sale for you in the FS forum.

    What TV do you have?


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    Looked on ebay, I've looked at unofficial ones ( gameware ) and heard there bad news.

    I've got an LG m228wa No HDMI port

    I have a gameware one and it works excellently plugged into my projector

    I have it running at 720p/1080i (max my projector supports)

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    @ Adam2050…le/

    "and High Definition (HD) playback (up to 1080p) for PLAYSTATION 3"


    Fair enough may be different with a projector though, i've read bad reviews saying to go with the official.

    same as ps2 1 m8y gamestation usually have them
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