PS3 connection drops when phone

    When playing Fifa 11 on PS3 my connection drops when the phone rings............even when my wife goes onto the laptop wireless the connection is very unstable. I am hard wired to the PS3 and my router is in DMZ mode.

    Any thoughts?


    sounds like a micro-filter problem

    buy some new ones

    or shift your phone

    This could be a problem with your phone line. Get on to your isp.

    micro filters +1000000

    across the country girlfriends are dreaming of this problem

    Original Poster

    cheers troops, i'll try that.

    As others have said, sounds like you have a faulty or no ADSL filter fitted.

    Make sure you have micro filters in all sockets that have phones connected to them ! Also make sure if you are using an extension cable to the router that it is filtered where the extension lead ends and the router connects. I work for an ISP

    I used to have that issue using WiFi... the phone was using the the same frequency as the Wifi...
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