PS3 Console Bundle With Playstation Move

    As above online or instore.


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    I'm not even sure on the price of these so a good deal on a slim ps3 would be fine too, havent got a clue what the 250gb etc means, guess its something to do with memory size not really sure what we'd need.
    Like the xbox has with kinnect is there a bundle that comes with the move stuff.
    Any help appreciated.

    Same boat here, any advice would be appreciated!

    Theres a bundle with a 160gb PS3 slim, FIFA 11 and Move fore £256.25 from playstation rewards but im not too sure if thats good value?

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    that sounds good to me thanks. Although not sure what playstation rewards is, but i'll go and have a look.…e=2

    Theres a thread about it there. Password to get into the playstation rewards site is PLAY.STATION3


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    thanks just had a look notice thread is quite old so wondering if there is anything better, noticed someone posted an offer in the thread about blockbusters

    prefer the blockbuster deal. 265 for the 320gb model and either gt5 or the ps move starter kit. online and in-store. You also get a voucher book worth £41 and as far as I'm aware a months worth of free game rentals.

    I'm not sure what the differences are between the older models (like the 250gb) and the newer models (80gb, 160gb and 320gb)... but given that the ps3 has a reputation of overheating and breaking I fancy the newer version for an extra £8.75 and the convenience of being able to go pick it up from the store.

    It's either one of these or wait for another limited stock offer below £200 (which are all the older models

    i have one round the corner so may have a look in there. They may negotiate too. I fancy the move though. I'll keep you posted to see what i find.

    avoid move it lacks anything special

    Playstation rewards is still the best place to pickup a ps3 with the extras I think guys.
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