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    Just got home after being away for a few days and went to play the PS3. Controller didn't seem to be working so I thought it must need charging. Plugged it in, and noticed that it wasn't working properly. Switched it on and off a couple of times, at which point it started to constantly vibrate.

    Was thinking wtf is going on here then. GF just told me she spilled a "tiny" bit of water on it on Thursday and dried it with a towel. I've left it plugged in now charging, the red light on the controller is at No.2 but its completely unresponsive.

    Is it totally dead then?

    Please no PSN jokes etc!!!


    try the reset button, youll need a pin.

    Came on to make a PSN joke, then I saw your final line

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    try the reset button, youll need a pin.

    where is it on the controller?


    where is it on the controller?

    I think its probably behind the sticker or at the top or bottem

    mine did this wouldnt reset and connect but would if i plugged usb cable in so i thought battery had died and bought a new battery opened controller up bits fell out couldnt get it back together had to sell it on fleabay

    What's the difference between your controller and the PSN......?


    where is it on the controller?

    its on the underneath of the controller above the sticker and to the right of the screw

    If all else fails and your sticks aren't heavily worn I am after one for spares depending on price.

    Reset might work but water might have fried something

    Hope ya get it sorted. I have heard they are a bitch to disassemble and re-assemble correctly so if ya take it apart be careful. Presumably if it picks up a number then the bluetooth is working but the controller itself isn't.
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