PS3 Controller problem!?!

    Sorry if this has been posted before but......

    I just did the update and my PS3 controllers won't connect wirelessly to my PS3. I have 2 controllers and neither work wirelessly. They will work if they are connected by the USB cable thought. Anyone else have this problem? And if so is there a fix?

    Cheers for any advice or if someone could point me to a thread that has already started on this


    There is a reset button at the back of the controller, try that.

    took this from ps3 forum try it

    1: Turn the system off till only the red light is on the console

    2: use a ball point pen and reset the controller (i held it in for like 5 seconds)

    3: Plug the controller in using the usb cable and turn the system on using the button on the ps3 console

    4: Once the system boots up, hit the ps button on the controller ( should recognize it and only have the 1 light flashing red)

    5: hit the ps button again and turn off the system

    6: unplug the usb cable from the controller, now the system is off ( only the red light showing on the ps3 console)

    7: with the controller now disconnected, hit the ps button on the controller and ur system should fire right up ( it did for me)

    8: repeat steps above for another other controller or blu-ray rmote that you might have

    9: enjoy

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    Thanks lads rep left, I didn't even realise there was a reset button

    Paddy Charlie;8462453

    Thanks lads rep left, I didn't even realise there was a reset button

    Most people don't... The reset button is for times like these :thumbsup:
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