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    Hi. Looking to invest in a PS3 for Christmas for the family. Had sooooo much fun on the Sing Star games at a party recently (had never ever heard my husband sing up to that point and judging from his 'performance', I now know why, LOL. Thought it would be useful for the Blu-ray facility too - 2 for the price of 1. I know that Sony have upgraded the consoles to 160gb and 320gb but as a complete novice to PS3, can anyone steer me in the right direction as to which one to get, and who are the best retailers to watch for the best forth coming deals - preferrably online.



    I've bought two ps3's. The original was from Blockbuster and I got 4 free games as part of a bundle. The second ps3 I bought was the skim version last year from Gamestation, again a great bundle consisting of a choice of two games from a possible six and FIFA 10 which was brand new at the time. A couple of friends have bought ps3 since and Gamestation always seem to have the best bundles.

    Even though Gamestation are owned by Game I prefer to buy from Gamestation as they are proper game-heads and give better advice.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for that. I agree about GS - the lads in our local store are much more approachable too than those in Game. You actually feel that they 'care'. Which gb would you go for - is it best to go for the larger one? (if I can afford it). My local BB Store is some 13miles away, will check it out when I next go to town (prefer online as more convenient to my life style - working, 4 kids, etc.) Thanks again.
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