Found 31st Jan 2009
So I've used my PS3 with standard cable it comes with and probs.


I'm putting it back on a TV without HDMI now with the standard cable and no picture is coming up on the screen? I know for sure its not the TV cos I've tested it with a dvd player in the same scart. So it's either the ps3 cable (which has worked fine since the last time I unplugged it), the ps3 itself, or am I doing something wrong?

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ooo this happened to me its an easy fix

you need to reset your ps3 or summit 2 ticks

Power on PS3 via power button and HOLD IT for 5 seconds (release after the second beep). It should automatically configure your PS3 to the TV's native resolution for all settings.

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mate you are legend if this works! gonna try it now... been going mad over this... 1 min...

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YESSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss! Success! I can't believe that so simple! rep time me thinks!

Anytime, when it happened to me i was nearly in tears because i thought i had broke it!

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LOL Exactly me too cos I've been carting it around a bit and I thought I've messed something up here staring at the bloody cable and port that it goes into thinking WTF is wrong with you two [email protected]%ers ... was playing through all those motions in my head about talking to Sony customer support and I just thought Naaaaaaaah I'm gonna try my luck on HUKD...good job I did!


hi:) anybody willing to swap there ps3 for my xbox 360?

not bothered any model ask for details thanks!

This is also shown in the FAQs on the SONY website for PS3, along with other useful "tips" - I knew about this even before I got my PS3 and had to tell my bro how to do it recently too.…491

If anyone needs it or just wants to have a look
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