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    Suppose I have two PS3s, both with different accounts at different places. I have the CoD4 maps downloaded on one but I can't redeem the promotion code again, and I don't want to buy the maps again for £6.99. Can I download the maps again on the other PS3 by signing in the account that has the maps? I think each one can be downloaded 5 times, would I need to log out of the original PS3 first? Is it the same for any games I bought from the PSN store?


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    you would probably only have the maps available on the second ps3 when signing on with the userid of the first ps3. Not sure if it goes on IP address too though.

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    Wouldn't the maps need to be downloaded on the PS3s hard drive for you to play them? I know the ranks and such are on the online server but not the maps. It's a 900 odd MB download! Also if I logged in my second account will the maps still load?

    No, you need to be signed in with account you bought them with to use the maps. You can't use them when signed out.

    So to use on both you'd have to be signed in on both.


    why not just try it and see?

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    Nevermind, got this to work, the other 'me' is actually a friend.



    Nevermind, got this to work, the other 'me' is actually a friend.

    Care to share how?

    Basically, if you brought anything from the PSN and wanted to "Share" it with a friend. give your friend your PSN details so he can then log in to your account from his PS3 and anything you have downloaded from the PSN will show and be avaliable for him to download.

    He would have to keep your PSN ID on his machine then for as long as he wanted to use the content.

    You can download PSN stuff to 5 different PS3's (As many times as you want) After that, you have to re buy it.

    Thing is although your able to do this if caught, you risk your PS3's bein banned from the PSN Sony have said, but i dont know anyone that has had this done yet!

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    For the "sender":

    1. Purchase and download a game from the Playstation Store
    2. Go to account management for the account and delete the billing information from your personal information if the PS3 saved your credit card info
    3. Change your password temporarily for the share
    4. Give login info (email address and password) to the receiver
    5. When the share is completed, change the password

    For the "receiver":

    1. In the PS3 XMB menu, add a new user account on your PS3 and sign in to it
    2. Select the network on the XMB and create an existing Playstation Network account
    3. Use the login information given from the "sender" to create the existing account
    4. Login into the account
    5. Enter into the Playstation store
    6. Click on "Download List" on the upper right near the person's userID and select the game you wish to download and hit download
    7. After game is downloaded, notify the "sender" that the download is complete so they can change the password to the account
    8. Enjoy!


    Q: Should I worry about misuse for my account?
    A: If you taken the steps to delete your credit card/billing information and changed your password temporary, it should be safe. If you're paranoid about someone stealing your account, only share with people that you really, really trust

    Q: Can't I just make a sub-account and use that to share the games?
    A: Not sure if this is allowed, but someone could try and report the results

    Q: I just received the game from the sender and the game won't play, help!
    A: In order to play the game on your PS3, the game must be activated AND the user account that was used to download the game must stay on your PS3. For example, say you created user account "User1" on your local Playstation 3 and you downloaded a full version of Lemmings. After you download the game, you MUST keep "User1" on your Playstation 3 in order for the game to run on your PS3. If you somehow delete the user account, you must relogin with the sender's account and redownload the game. If the game is still on your HDD, simply redownload then cancel to re-authorize the game.

    Q: Do I have to login with the sender's account to play the game?
    A: No, it just needs to be authorized on your PS3. You can play the game using your account thereafter. Just do not delete the user account as mentioned above or else the game will be locked out.

    Q: I'm trying to download the game from the Playstation store but it is not appearing in the store. Where is it?
    A: Games that are purchased disappear from the store. You have to download the game going through the "Download List" screen on the upper right of the Playstation Store.

    Q: How many times can I share a game?
    A: The store says you can share up to 5 different Playstation 3's.

    Sony actually allow you to do this, some games they blocked sharing like Warhawk, don't worry about getting banned!

    Whats the source for the above?

    I'm glad this thread it here, I didn't realise you had to the Username on the PS3.

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    Maybe we should start a PSN game sharing pool here at HUKD?

    I tried a while ago, didn't really take off to be honest.
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