ps3 dual shock 3 controller quality - CECHZC2E

Found 8th Feb 2012
just bought a second controller from hmv.

Same model as my first controller same model number

got home and it feels rather plastic and very very light compared to my current controller.

only differences i can see are

box style it came in less plastic all cardboard
CECHZC2E (B1) dc voltage is higher than the original 5.0v and the other part is 500ma

where as my original i got with my console is

dc 3.7v and 300ma CECHZC2E

any one else experienced this??
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Shouldn't you be watching your kids
light = fake.

I've seen loads of fake ps3 controllers around and the only common things I've seen are the weight and the analogues not being as fluid/precise.
I onl;y got a SIXAXIS with my PS3, but the DS3 I bought is:

DC 5v - 500mA

from Amazon, so I don't doubt the authenticity. I think yours is real, as I bought a second SIXAXIS (before the DS3) and it wasn't made as well. The plastic was different (slightly transparent when held up to the light). I reckon they cut back when making the spare controllers. If the battery mA is different, then that shows at least it's undergone a design specifications change since the launch model

Shouldn't you be watching your kids

My daughter is in her bed at 8, so any time after that is my time and yes i do pay attention to my child.
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