PS3 External Hard Drive Help!

    External Hard Drive Help!
    I have purchased an Iomega 500GB external Hard drive from comet, this one:…on1

    It is formatted to FAT32.

    Over the past few days I have been converting and loading video's onto the hard drive for use on the PS3.

    I used Handbrake with the PS3 settings, 2000 bit rate, turned cropping off and made sure ALL files are 720 x 576 or divide by 16 resolution.

    I converted 5 films from DVD, put them on the hard drive and connected it to the PS3 - it recognised them all and I watched 2 films. All was fine.

    Over the last few days Ive added 45 films, Family Guy, South Park, Black Books etc all to the hard drive using the same resolution presets as above (bit rate for tv shows I have at 1500 for file size reasons)

    Now once Ive finished adding all files the PS3 says all the files are corrupt and wont play them. Ive tested the drive using an Apple Mac with Disc utility and scanned it - drive ok. Scanned with a PC - drive ok.

    I plugged the drive into my PC and all the files work using Quicktime, iTunes and VLC. I then plugged the drive into a Apple iMac and tested using Quicktime and iTunes - worked fine.

    Plugged the drive back in my PS3, corrupt files. Not one will work.

    Is there a setting on the PS3 I need to change or a way of resetting some preference file?

    Help would be really really appreciated.


    the files may not be supported by the ps3, this happened to me when i loaded some photos onto it but they work fine on my phone, laptop etc. or it may be some type of copyright?

    there is a avi playback option within the settings that needs to be enabled. also, is your ps3 up to date, some updates included codecs for different avi and mpg file types.

    Original Poster

    As previously stated I experimented with 5 films and they worked then I put the rest on the drive and it didnt work. The files are all 2000 kbps, 1024 x 768 and to the correct ps3 settings.

    Ive got a 4GB pro duo (I have a ps3 with card readers) which I tried with 2 of the films that were 'corrupt' before and they worked fine from the memory card. tried with a 4gb thumb drive attached via usb ports - no luck.

    I have since took the drive back as didnt want to keep it too long as places are sometimes funny about keeping a product for weeks and then returning it for a refund. I believe it was either a problem with the drive or my USB ports on my PS3 are knackered.

    At the moment I'm waiting for a caddy to arrive to put the 60gb in and test if the files are readable by the ps3 connected to that via USB - that should test the USB ports. If they are I'll use that as a makeshift measure as its only 60GB and wait until external 2.5" 500GB drives come down in price to about £60-70.
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