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Found 5th Aug 2009
Wondering i anyone had any experience on this. Im looking at buying an external HDD dock type thingy from Novatech to help with my PC repair jobs, item is:…OCK

Question is, im looking to get me little one a 500gig hdd to stick in the PS3. Transfering all the avi's ive got on my media server via wireless would be sooo much of a pain could i use this instead ? Plug the dock into the PS3, take out my 1TB server drive and plug it into the dock, and let the PS3 read it as an externall HDD and do a transfer that way. The trouble im looking at and need clarification on is that the server disk is NTFS and the PS3 reads FAT32 - but does it matter on externals ? Also would the PS3 'see' such a device in the first place ?

Anyone have any experience on this.. TIA ?
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i pretty sure it wont be able to read it,
i got a external one and i put a partition in on it so half was FAT32.

then when you plug it in to the PC it comes up with 2 seperate drives.
im a noob at this, here goe's i have a 320gb in my ps3 and a 500gb external attached via usb works wonders, whilst my external is attached i can transfer all my avis no problem, its a wd mybook ext i have, hope this helps in away lol i use my external on my laptop for files- ps3 also
wd mybooks are fat32 as standard so work straight out the box with ps3.
you might be able to do it with setting your pc up as a wireless sever and copy them across that way.
not sure if theres away around it without formatting any of the drives first., if you can put a partition on your external without having to format that would work. but not sure if you can.
The PS3 can not read a USB hard drive formatted with NTFS which means you'll have to format it FAT32 and will be limited to files smaller than 4GB. A PC is also unable to access the files on the PS3's internal hard disk. I did transfer a few files to the PS3's internal drive, but then couldn't find any way to transfer them back except by using a FAT32 formatted USB drive.

Have you thought about using a wired connection between your PS3 and PC to transfer the files as this would be much quicker than wireless?
The whole point is that i dont want to transfer across a network as ive got well over 400gig of files to do, so would take ages lol and id have to do each file one by one. I dont want to reformat the server disk or partition a new fat32 coz too much hastle. Just needed to know if PS3 reads an external whatever the partition is formatted to, but obviously no :-(

TBH i suppose the only way is to do a network transfer, in which case i can plug it wired in my little boys room which will speed up the process a bit - but PS3 streaming/network still sucks bigtime and something which theyve never sorted out IMO - the reason ive got her a 500gb coz im fed up with failed streaming wireless. Still love the smb share of my old XBOX but hey !! :-)

Thanx anyway guys :-)

Have you thought about using a wired connection between your PS3 and PC to transfer the files as this would be much quicker than wireless?

Does this work?
PS3 wont read NTFS, sorry
There is another format it reads (will check now) if your format THIS way would be ok.
I always find wired much more stable than wireless, as for speeds i cant comment - but it does 'feel' a little faster ??
You could just buy a 16GB USB stick for £18 from play, format it FAT32 and transfer the files that way, as its solid state should be quite quick even though you may have to do it a few times to get everthing across.
Yeah good call andy... might look at getting a 16gb Corsair GT from Play, shame theyre £42 but ill see if i can find a better deal. Would go for the Sandisk but they seem very cheap and not good reviews. Have got a Corsair 4gb and its rock solid.

Edit: £29.94 from Scan and i get free delivery so not bad :-)
Windows won't format Harddrives above 32GB into fat32, If you PM me your email add I can email you a program that will do the job, you use the program to create the harddrive into 1 partition and format the hd into FAT32, I use a 320gb external to store my downloaded vids onto (legal of course.....cough!) and play them through PS3, it also give a much better pic than playing directly from laptop to tv. You can use this program to use external Hd's upto 2TB on PS3!!!!

Actually don't worry about PMing me, the software is freeware anyway so here's the link to download it directly;…tml

Allows creation of a single partition of up to 2048GB of FAT32 or NTFS file systems. It states OP systems upto Windows XP but I'm using it just fine on vista!
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