PS3 eyetoy games?!?!?

Found 28th Nov 2008
Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you have come accross any good eyetoy games for the PS3.

I bought an eyetoy a while ago thinking there would be a few decent games released soon.

The only one I have got is the Monster one off the online store. (For the missus of course )

So my question is, Have you got or seen any good games that encorporate the PS3 eyetoy?
Would much appreciate any feedback and if you suprise me with something new with reward with REP.

Many Thanks
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Burnout paradise uses eyetoy, Littlebigplanet uses eyetoy also.

Edit: i assume they use eyetoy actually, as i have the playstation eye.
There are a few games (I know of) that use the PSEye:

Burnout takes your photo when people take you down, or if you win an online race, or something... this is actually really good fun, and I'd highly recommend getting burnout just for this feature!

Little Big Planet lets you take photos of things, to use as 'stickers' in your levels, or for slapping on friends' characters...

Singstar uses it too, recording your 'golden moments', plus a 30 second part of the song. You can then upload them to Singstar Online for people to comment / vote on.

In Tiger Woods you can put your face onto your custom character.

In terms of actual games that use the camera only, I can't think of any, other than those on the Playstaiton store. I think the Trials of Topoq one is supposed to be about the best of a not-that-great bunch....
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