PS3 fat 40gb version, should it have iplayer/itv/4od?

    Just been offered one for a nominal price but it won't load newer games. I'm not fussed as he said it plays blurays fine and the wifi is working great.

    But he just told me he can't find any itv/iplayer/4od stuff on it (I was thinking of putting it in the bedroom, so no games needed!

    Do all ps3 have the capability to run the on demand tv services or was it only newer ones?? I thought they all did!

    Sorry for such a simple question, but google throws too much irrelevant stuff up!


    What firmware version is it running?

    Should just be a case of updating the firmware...

    Guessing its been banned and thus cant update the firmware.
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    What firmware version is it running?

    I expect that's beyond him if I ask. But he's not tampered with it. So should it just be a case of updating the firmware. As long as I know it's got the capability of having iplayer etc, I think I'll grab it as it's so cheap.

    How much is he asking for

    Their was/is a glitch, Check here to find a cure

    Mine has 4od/itv player/bbc iplayer but I did update the firmware a while ago. I have a 40gb PS3

    All the links aren't there by default - you have to install them individually (iPlayer, 4oD, ITV). There's a link on the Video menu to install them once you're on the correct firmware.

    Even if it is banned, you can still update via USB stick.


    My 40gb phat took ages to update for iplayer etc.

    It did do it eventually of its own accord

    i know this sounds stupid but go to playstation home logo download the software let it install then the tv icons should now be there, just been having probs myself done this and it's worked or someone else said to try and log in and out a few times, because apparently it checks for the tv settings when you do this, hope this helps, it worked for me


    are you sure he bought it in the uk?

    depends on the region you set it up for which you get....... i have australian channels on 1 of my ps3's and uk channels on another

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    Thanks guys. I'll do some more checking before committing. It's comfortably under £50 so I'm not toooooo concerned in it not having the bookmarks. The browser works fine and bluray player aspect is great enough.

    just thought I'd clear this up. I just made a new profile on the ps3 and it worked. So no problems at all!
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