PS3 - Final Fantasy VII & VIII

    Do the prices on PSN ever drop or change?

    I got the 250GB version therefore my old PS1 copies will not work. Anyone know if the GFX has been upgraded at all?


    any PS3 can play PS1 games!


    any PS3 can play PS1 games!


    im pretty sure the PSN prices drop though. i'd wait


    any PS3 can play PS1 games!


    really?!im pretty sure the PSN prices drop though. i'd wait

    "]EXPIRED - PS3 with little big planet £199 @ sainsburys" (My comment #96)
    Original PS3 ("Phat") consoles have hard drive capacities of...

    20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 160GB (Limited Edition)

    Slim PS3 consoles have been issued with the following hard drive capacities so far...

    120GB, 250GB

    The hard drives units in all models can be changed by the consumer (for a larger, smaller, or the same capacity) without affecting the original manufacturer's warranty.

    All can play PlayStation (One) titles from their local region. That is, Japanese consoles can only play games manufactured for that territory. US consoles can only play US PS1 titles & similarly with European (PAL) machines (those that are manufactured for the UK); they can only play PAL format PS1 games. Australasia is also part of the PAL territory.

    Only the 60GB European (including UK & Australasia) machine can play PAL territory PS2 titles.

    Most PS3 titles are region free so you can happily buy Japanese, Asian, &/or US PS3 games to play on your domestic UK market console. However, some games are fixed to their local region's game servers for online gaming & if the physical Blu-ray Discs have special video content included with the game (that can be seen in the [Video] section of the PS3's XrossMediaBar menu structure) then this may not be able to be played on a PS3 console manufactured for a different region to the disc.

    If playing a US title locked to a US server you may find the online gaming "laggy" in response &/or you may not see other players online in the same game because they are using a different server.

    Using games from another region may also restrict your use of additional downloadable content from the European PlayStation Store. You may have to buy the add-ons & game packs from the 'Store associated with the intended region for the physical game disc.

    Hope that helps.




    really?!im pretty sure the PSN prices drop though. i'd wait

    don't think there is gonna be a prices drop anytime soon, they are both top sellers, VIII wasn't released that long ago
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