PS3 Firmware Update 3.42 yay or nay.

    Hardware manufacturer and publisher Sony has announced the launch of the 3.42 firmware update for the PlayStation 3 home gaming console, which is reported to be designed to eliminate any possibility of using the recently released mod chip for the platform.

    So who has already thrown caution to the wind and updated, and who is holding out in hope of homebrew and custom firmware updates?


    I've updated my main ps3 as there's (currently) no way round the online access. Possibly CFW could trick or spoof PSN into believing the update has been done, but that's going to take time and I am not prepared to wait.

    Also - I am sure that 3.42 will be cracked too one day

    Lastly - what does the update do? Is it purely a blocking update, or has anything positive been added?

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    Allegedly it literally addresses the jailbreak only, adds nothing else, knocks it out if you have installed it, and prevents you from installing it if you haven't.

    I am not bothering, and going ahead with the update, with the few exclusives I want on my PS3, I would prefer to wait and buy the games cheaper second hand and just use my modded 360 for multiplatform titles
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