PS3 from america

    I was just wondering whether or not it would be worth it to bring a PS3 back from the states. I am going to go there in a few months. I know they are about £200 for a 40gb but i don't know about customs and duty.

    Please give feedback, much appreciated.


    its really cheap down there but if you get hit by customs it will turn out to be around the same price down here. one way to avoid customs is to take of teh box and jus wrap the ps3 tightly with clothes thats wat my freind done wen he brang his ps3 from there.
    if you are going to buy one from over there you might as well get the 80gb which is $499 = 250 pounds but comes with a game and double hdd and four usb ports and plays ps2 games.

    another thing is u won't be able to play UK region Blu ray movies on it and u'll need to get the right power plug..I think US 110v not too sure

    Wouldnt bother mate - no warranty - no uk blu rays and having to have a transformer to use the ps3

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    I thought you would get an international warranty

    ps3 has built in transformer and to some region A blu-rays is a advantage as you can get cheap imported ones and they come out earlier there anyway.

    actually after reading this…832
    it is advisable to get a transformer for the us version.

    i would not get a us version, as far as i know / understand the warranty may not stand. i've read a couple of posts on the playstation forum of people being denied replacements etc. ps3 is not bullet proof and can go wrong, try and find a good deal on a pal system
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