PS3 Game Won't Install...

Hey everyone, happy new year for tomorrow:)

Anyway, basically I've bought a bunch of PS3 games as there were games I missed out on last gen. All of them have installed besides one, NFS Shift. It's been stuck at 33% for almost an hour now, I wondered if anybody has encountered similar issues? The disc seems to be in good condition and I've cleaned it with a soft cloth etc. Just a bit strange how all the other games installed perfectly. Beginning to wonder if it's just typical EA... anyway, does anybody have any ideas or had similar problems before? Thanks:)

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I think I can recall people having problems with it taking an age to install but usually at the 98% mark? I'd leave it for an hour (yes really that long) and if no joy delete any files for it that are on your system and try again. if that doesn't do it I'd take it back or contact EA about it, as it might be missing a tiny file to complete installation (which I seem to recall a minority having a problem with too)

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Ah okay that's great cheers. I've left it to see if it will install, although it did take 10 minutes or so at 12% too. So I think I'll do what you suggested, cheers:)

Has it done it?Mines gone past 12% and 33% no problems. Must be your disc mate

aaaaagh 98% stuck. God damn it

aaaah done. takes ages

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Still not done, I think I best pop it back to GAME and hopefully get a replacement disc, sigh:(
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