Found 18th Apr 2008
I have just won myself a PS3 and am wanting to know what good games are out there at reasonable prices. I don't like football games or RPG, Tennis and Shooter types like soldier ones are good for me. Any recommendations on what is good?

Also i would like a HDMI lead for it so i get the best from it as i have a Sony 40" Lcd tv, again looking for good deal. Are the remotes for these things needed and are they any good?


Congrats, how'd you win it?

HDMI Lead (2m) with free p&p - £3.69:…508

HDMI Lead (5m) - £5.75 (p&p £2.58):…511

I've got a couple of the 2m's and they are excellent value for money. I use them with my PS3 and Sony Bravia (40").

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Congrats, how'd you win it?

I won it on a machine in an arcade called stacker and they were all prizes like PS3 Xbox360 WII etc


Thanks for those links i will take a look. I think i might only be looking for something between 1m and 1.5 or so as i don't want to much unused wire behind the tv.

I have been reading something about ver 1.3 or something with hdmi leads, anyone know what this is?

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Still looking for help with this if anyone has any good info or links.:)


Still looking for help with this if anyone has any good info or links.:)…DMI

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Thanks Postcard looks like i will have to go for the HDMI 1.3 type. :thumbsup:


It did look a little like that one but the bigger one with better prizes. Also i meant links for the things i requested in first post.:)

Now i need to find the games.

A good RPG on the PS# has to be "Enchanted Arms", I really enjoyed it and you can probably buy it now for about £20.

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Thanks for those links i will take a look. :thumbsup:

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Ordered Virtua tennis and Gran turismo 5 also got uncarted drakes fortune yesterday and it is quite good.

call of duty 4 is an absolute class game you will love it and you can buy it for around £35 - £40

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Thanks Bartle888 but i think i will wait for the price to drop a little or get a better deal on it. I know it is a good game been reading up on it, but a little more than i can afford to pay just now.
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