ps3 games blu-rays for sale

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Found 24th Aug 2007
hi im thinking of getting a ps3, but i dont want the games in the bundle, so wondering if anyone wanted any of these games and controllers for a descent price , the bundle offers these games so if i can arrange a price ill buy the console and sell the games brand new,

f1 championship
resistance: fall of men
ridge racer 7

also would sell 2 blu-rays that come with it


and a control pad
please let me know if anyone wants any of these and please state a price thanks


One of your English pounds for all of the above - though I will have that solitairy pound blessed by a priest to make the deal fair.

Looks like the woolworths deal for £375

If it is then its only 2 of the games and the any one of the two movies listed along with an extra controller.

£8 for stealth

Wrong place?, Should be in FS/FT?

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no it got remvoed from there and told to put it in here



Wrong place?, Should be in FS/FT?

No because he doesn't have the items to sell yet, just gauging interest. :thumbsup:
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