PS3 Games compatible with Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel

Found 17th Aug 2009
Hi, ive just ordered the Logitech Driving Force GT Steering Wheelthat was posted here around a week ago and have yet to pick up a few ps3 compatible racing titles for it but need some advice on what will work with it.

Im going for the argos deal of 2 ps3 games at £30 so if anyone knows what is def compaible could you please let me know.Here is the list

Midnight Club IV: LA
Colin McRae Dirt
Ferrari Challenge
Race Driver Grid
Burnout Paradise
Gran Turismo Prologue
Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Also does anyone know if ridge racer will work with the wheel?

Thanks in advance
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This would be good on a wheel, but it's sooooo tricky on the pad.
gran turismo is compatible, heard motorstorm is to, but dont count me on that, i know someone said the wheel works but unsure about the pedals
Race Driver Grid defo works fine
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