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Found 21st Nov 2008
Hi everyone,

I've been away from the games console scene for a good few years now so I'm very out of the loop!

I'm after a PS3 with a game or two (none of this Little Big Planet nonsense though), and extra controller if possible.
Ideally I'm after Pro Ev, Raw v Smackdown 2009, or something really good.

I don't know what a really good price is for something like this (despite looking around for ages!). I don't really want to spend over £300.
Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.
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Hey dude i have an idea for you...if u bought the ps3 off Amazon with LBP and wwe 2009 for £299 u cud take Little Big planet to gamestation or cex u cud get £25 for it then ull have to add another £5 to it

then get onto 365games.co.uk and buy an additional Dualshock 3 controller using the £30...

so in in summary u get

80GB PS3
2 Dualshock Controllers
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009

The total is £305 - btw i kno u sed u were looking to onli spend £300 but its onli a lil more or if u wanted to spend
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