PS3 Games - namely Virtua Tennis 3

Anywhere doing prices sub £40 mark - I know ASDA are doing alot of games for 35 - motorstorm + resistance but virtual tennis is still 40.

You might ask after splashing 400+ on a console why am I scrimping on paying a fiver extra for a game - :? errm well I'm afraid I dont have an answer but any tips appreciated !

-- DB.


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cheers - looks good. Have you used this company - I've never heard of them. Btw if any one else wants to use this store you can use MUFC001 for free delivery.

Also appears that on becoming a member you can get 6% cashback on future purchases which seems good considering they're prices are very competitive.

I just wondered if you also had a Xbox 360?

If you do then Virtua Tennis 3 on the Xbox 360 is still in 1080p, but is also fully playable online (£34.75 from Foxy) ]http//ww…03/

If not don't worry.

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cheers but no just a Wii and PS3 for now ! Didnt realise it wasnt playable online but had so much fun with VT2 on the dreamcast that I'm quite happy to play it all on my lonesome !
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