ps3 games with easy trophies

Found 10th Jan 2011
Hi all, Im only upto level 5 at the mo but im looking for some games which has lots and lots of trophies which are easy to get.
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Burnout paradise, Terminator Salvation, Alone in the dark.
Singstar, LittleBigPlanet and some of the Mini games (linger in the shawdows).
I'm sure there are many more too.
If you complete games on a harder setting u usually earn better trophies though - ie gold, instead of silver n bronze.
god of war collection (gow1&2), i got around 80% on each just by playing through the game once.
Assassin's Creed II gives you a lot of trophies for a normal playthrough. The Bad Company 2 single player trophies are easily got - MP ones are bit trickier.
As you wouldn't want to waste time playing games for enjoyment.
why? I just dont get it (unless you're under 10 years old I suppose)
If a game is that Easy then does that not mean it's a poor game ?
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