PS3 Godfather 2

    What does anyone think of it?

    Just got it today and having a shot now


    saw the gamespot review and it put me straight off lol, was going to get it but then decided against it, let me know what u think of it :), u order from shopto?

    i like it for a "Sandbox" game, ok its quite easy and the AI is a tad poor in places and story (so far) bit bland but the stratigic side makes up for it and if you compaire to godfather1 its a big improvement.

    Will probli dload it today for the 360, see if i have any discs left.

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    i like it...its a diff type of game ..not done much of it yet but so far so good for me

    i was going to download it to see what i thought first before buying it for the ps3. is the online good?

    It got poor reviews but it actually looked ok in the footage. I'd certainly like to hear some folks impressions as I was thinking I might get this for PS3 as well.

    i might rent it first

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    i played it for about 5 hours last night...its a really good game..addictive....its deffinatly worth a play through..

    Not many good reviews on it.


    Not many good reviews on it.

    Never go buy reviews there always Hit Or Miss or just stupid ive seen reviews for games that got 2/10 and i got it and fort it was good they try to make it bad rather than enjoy the game just rent it and make up ure own mind.
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